Nebula Skull 5.12"


Photos taken in Natural sunlight.



Nebula Skull 5.12"

Sold - Dawn K.








Nebula Skull 5.12"









Nebula Skull 5.12"









Nebula Skull 5.12"










Nebula Skull 5.12"










Nebula Skull 5.12"









Nebula Skull 5.12"









Nebula Skull 5.12"









Nebula Skull 5.12"









Nebula Skull 5.12"










Reflections in some photos are of my hands and camera and the trees and sky.


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Please go see the New TV Cosmos series on Fox TV.

"The Cosmos a Spacetime Odyssey" with Neil Degrasse Tyssen


 "Some of the Things That Molecules Do"[22]   March 16, 2014 (2014-03-16) The story begins with Tyson sitting at a campfire, and telling how the wolf changed through artificial selection, and selective breeding into the dog breeds around today. He then enters the Ship of Imagination, and explains natural selection with the process that helped to create the polar bears. Along the way he talks about DNA, genes and mutation. Next he goes to a forest and describes the Tree of life, this leads him to discussing the evolution of the eye. He then discusses extinction, by going to a monument called the Halls of Extinction, dedicated to the broken branches of the tree of life. Explaining the five great Extinction events. He then tells how some life has survived, and then focuses on the tardigrade. From there he talks about what other kinds of life might have been created on other worlds. He then goes to Saturn's moon Titan. From there he speculates about life and how it first began. He then returns to Earth and tells about abiogenesis and how life changed and evolved. The show ends with an animated sequence from the original series of life's evolution from one cell to humans





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