Nebula Stone by Ish Gisella Cannarsa    Translated version from Italian

The Nebula Stone is one stone discovered recently in American sudoccidentali deserts.
One is made up of Quartz, Anortoclasio, Riebeckite and Egirina.
The color is mainly black with vivide spots and venature greens.

  Nebula Stone Channeling from ISH GISELLA CANNARSA, ITALY

Therefore Stone speaks to Ish Gisella Cannarsa from Italy, about the Nebula Stone:

He represents the dance cosmic of the cycles of the life: a window on the Cosmos, that it reveals the trinitaria logon between “Paradise”, Earth and all the Beings.
This stone harmonizes between they the energies, and helps to feel integrating part of the entire Universe, remembering to us that we are “the goblet of light”…

It favors the memory, and it inside recalls the information of light of the cells.
It removes the fear, helps to rilasciare that that is old, exceeded, making space the new one, for this increases the vitalità. Moreover the pulizia helps of kidneys, therefore kidney-fear can be replaced to nephritis ().

The Nebula can help us to enter very in depth in the creative space of the Individual, because the nature of the stone is an energy of regeneration, that it acts on all the plans, Biological, Moves them, Mental, Spiritual, much to offer one “new skin”.
Risveglia upgrades them of realization that lies in everyone of we, what it reveals true if the same one, and therefore is adapted to render us aware of the changes that we are facing, in order to move itself easy towards the scopes that to more they belong us. The creative space towards which the stone it leads to us, in fact, is just like the structure of the nebula stellar: a cloud of pure light, derived from a star and from which new are generated stars.
When we are in a foggy phase, when we have difficulty to see where we are, what we have around, we are in the full load of in a process that must create new shapes, new life. A Nebula remembers that the fine ones is the beginning, therefore like the beginning is the end, therefore that can emerge new thoughts, new feelings, new truth.

It can be used in several ways: as an example associated to Malachite, Azzurrite and Ciaroite (in order to favor the release of the old one and to make place the new one). Where the Individual is in a position to leaving to go the limits aware dictates to you from the identity, from the image of himself, the stone induces one risen of rebirth, through its pure creative energy. The meditation with this stone door instead perceiving better if same in the cosmic creation, therefore to recover the just references in the moment of the loss.



Nebula Stone, Nebulastone large palm stone
                                            Nebula Stone, Nebulastone Large Palm stone


Complete Ish the presentation of this stone with this explanation:

Cos' is one cloudy?

An immense heap of warm gases, much luminous one, because it intercepts and it reflects the electromagnetic waves. Cosmic clouds of this type are a lot rarefied and contain approximately one hydrogen atom ten for cubic meter. They are therefore much emptier of the empty one that we succeed to reproduce artificially on the Earth. Nevertheless, through a slow process of condensation, they are in a position to priming the mechanism that originates a star, therefore come defined “the uteruses of stars”.

The Nebula of Orion - most famous and perhaps beautiful - is possible that new star is originating one. From a heap like this, four billions and means of years ago, are been born our solar system.



Nebula Stone, Nebulastone


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